Infinity Panoramic

Infinity Panoramic is designed to create a border less and completely transparent separation between spaces, but still achieving the maximum specifications for sound proofing. Infinity Panoramic is a non-vertical profile system, having no visible joints other than glass to glass. The profile allows joints for different angles and gives solutions for full height doors and technical panels that can be personalized for each specification.

Infinity Panoramic is a double 10 mm glassed aluminum system with a width of 100 mm and a height of 42 mm that allows 12mm height adjustment at ceiling and floor level.

Infinity Audile is a concept room that uses both Infinity Panoramic and Infinity Smart systems and provides a perfect phonic insulated room that needs no door. It can be personalized to each project to look completely different and fit the number of persons required.

Transparency can be optional, desired for creating the illusion of space but not optimal for confidentiality.

At a push of the button the glass wall can go from transparent to opaque.